About Trucker Appy

Trucker Appy is a specially developed app for truckdrivers. It supports them on their way in Europe to find drivers restaurants.
In a 20 km radius you will find all the drivers restaurants. All addresses have been checked and at most of the restaurants mentioned you will find appropriate parking facilities. As soon as you find a restaurant in the app you can put the address in your GPS system, but it is also possible to directly click in the app on “route”. After that your mobile telephone will navigate you to your destination.

Besides a database with food- and drinking facilities you will also see the buttons “Truckwash” and “Tankcleanings” and there is also a wheather map from Wetteronline available. This keeps you up-to-date about the weather conditions in Europe.
The app also keeps you updated about the traffic situation in Europe. As such it offers you alternative routes in case of traffic jams.

Trucker Appy also asks drivers for help to keep on developing this app. There is for example a form which offers drivers the possibility to send a report about restaurants that are not yet in the database. After that Trucker Appy will than add the restaurant to the database. By doing so, drivers support Trucker Appy to continouisly improve the app.

In the future Trucker Appy expects to add more useful functionalities and help making the lives of truck drivers on the road a bit easier.

Trucker Appy is a small organisation consisting of 2 people who have developed this app with passion and who are working hard to keep it up-to-date.

Best regards,

The Trucker Appy Team