Nieuwe maut app van Toll Collect

Dankzij de app is het niet nodig om een tolterminal te bezoeken, omdat de boeking 24 uur per dag rechtstreeks uit het geparkeerde voertuig kan worden gemaakt – als er een internetverbinding beschikbaar is.

Niet-geregistreerde klanten kunnen de app gebruiken om een boekingsaccount aan te maken, dat later beschikbaar zal zijn op de terminal. Boekingen kunnen ook later worden gewijzigd en geannuleerd.De betaling gebeurt met alle gangbare betaalmiddelen, nu ook met de zgn. Paysafecard. “Dit maakt handmatig boeken flexibeler en klantvriendelijker”, schrijft Toll Collect in een persbericht.


Berlin, 01-Feb-2018
The new app can now be used for manual log-on with smartphones and tablets. This makes it even faster and easier to log on with mobile devices. The app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems and can be downloaded from their app stores free of charge. The log-on is possible in German, English, French and Polish.

The app gives transport companies and drivers the greatest possible flexibility for manual log-on. Log on directly in a parked vehicle at any time of day or night. Prior registration with Toll Collect is not necessary. Unregistered customers can create a log-on account. This allows them to save vehicles and routes in the app, which are then also available for logging on at terminals and online. Registered Toll Collect customers can also use their customer portal access data for the app. This means that they will also be able to access their vehicle data from the portal when logging on using the app.

Customers can use the app to plan their route based on addresses and specific vehicle information. Navigation directions are also transmitted when they log on via the app. If necessary, the route can be changed or cancelled from the stationary vehicle.

To help customers pay easily and simply via tablet or smartphone, Toll Collect is also introducing the paysafecard as a substitute for cash. The paysafecard is available at many kiosks, post offices and online. Of course, customers can also pay the toll with all other recognised or saved payment methods.

New manual log-on system
With the planned expansion of the truck toll from 1 July 2018, almost 40,000 kilometres of federal trunk road will be subject to toll. Toll Collect is further developing its toll system technology for toll collection in this significantly larger network of routes. Manual log-on is becoming more flexible and therefore more customer friendly. It is also possible to manually log-on online via stationary PCs and on the go via smartphones and tablets. In the future, online log-on will be at the heart of this. Furthermore, a total of 1,100 next-generation toll terminals are to be installed by May 2018. The toll terminals supplement the new mobile log-on channels. This means that significantly fewer terminals are needed in comparison to previous toll station networks.

The same user interface will be used regardless of whether the customer is logging on via a smartphone, a tablet, a stationary PC or a toll terminal. It adapts to the device being used and is easy for the customer to use.

Source :Coll-Collect


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